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God's Merciful Providence:

In 1636 when Providence's founder, Roger Williams, settled upon Providence, he named it in honor of "God's Merciful Providence", which he believed was the reason behind him settling upon this haven.

The city of Providence is the third largest city in New England, and has a metropolitan population that is the 36th largest in the United States. Providence, Rhode Island is a very compact city, which means that many of the sites and attractions are within walking distance of each other...

While touring around the streets of downtown Providence, you may wish to visit the Arcade Mall. This mall was the first ever enclosed shopping mall built in the United States. Here you can enjoy the beautiful stained glass skylights while visiting the variety of shops and cafes located in the mall. This unique building will be sure to catch your eye!

In addition to being the location of America's oldest enclosed shopping mall, Providence is also home to the 4th oldest library in the U.S., the Providence Athenaeum. This beautiful library has a variety of literature that is sure to captivate you, no matter what genre you fancy.

Not far from the Providence Athenaeum you will find the Roger Williams Park. This 427-acre park was named after the founder of the beautiful city of Providence, as well as one of the state of Rhode Island's founders, Roger Williams. There are several lakes located in this spectacular park, as well as several attractions that are fun for the whole family. These attractions include the Roger Williams Park Zoo, the Roger Williams Park Museum of Natural History and Planetarium, the Victorian Rose Gardens, Dalrymple Boathouse and boat rentals, and much more!

Providence has much more to offer in addition to being the location of many interesting sites and attractions. In the beginning, Providence was known for its jewellery and silverware industry (being one of the first cities in the country to industrialize). However, Providence is now also very well known for its outstanding medical and educational systems. Some of Providence's top employers include: Rhode Island Hospital, Brown University, Women and Infants Hospital of Rhode Island, and Miriam Hospital.

Providence, Rhode Island's education system includes the Ivy League school; Brown University, as well as one of the country's top art colleges; the Rhode Island School of Design. Alongside these top-notch postsecondary schools are some of the best private and charter schools in the country.

Whether you are visiting this incredible city due to its outstanding education system, or you are just trying to spend some time with friends or family while enjoying some of the many sites and attractions of this wonderful city, you know that you can find whatever you need in the city of Providence!

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